Saline-Alkali Soil Reclamation, Suggestion to Imran Baloch from Nawabshah, Sindh, Pakistan

Recently, Imran Baloch from Nawabvshah, Sindh contact me for suggestion on his soil.

He sent me pictures of his soil, as following (click for HD picture):

From the picture, we can tell. 1.The soil is in heavy Saline-Alkali situation.2.The soil is dry and heavy caking.3.The affecting area is wide.

To figure out the casue, we go to the temerature and rain data of Nawabshan( the temperature in Celsius, rain  in MM ).

The fact is the rain of whole year is less than 100mm, and arround 8 months of a year, the daily Highest temp is over 40 Celsius.

After collecting this facts, we finally understand the main cause of  the 15 hectares Saline-Alkali Soil in Mr Imran’s farm land.

  1. High temperature and low rainfall, cause High evaporation, which is the main cause.
  2. Unreasonale irrigation
  3. Abuse use of insoluble chemical fertilizer.
  4. Other related cause like,low lying land, high river water level, etc.

Before we make the suggestion, we need to come to a consensus that Saline-Alkali Soil problem is a tough problem in agriculral industry worldwide. It can not be 100% solved but only reclamation.

Our suggestion as following:

  1. Hydraulic Engineering. Saperate the irrigation system  with drainage system. Make sure the river water come to your land and flow away, not evaporate. In this process, use the fresh river water to flush the land, water will dissolve the saline alkali material and take them away.  Wash the land two or three times, each time with 1600~2000 metric tons water per hectare, with intervals 5~7days.  And we suggest to process the washing at the period  between the end of November and the end of March. In winter time of Nawabshah, the temperature is low and the evaporating is also at low level.
  2. Agricultural tech. By deep ploughing the soil, filling with heathy soil from other place, and we can also add more crop straw in the soil. Try to promote the Soil permeability.  After, we rapidly fasten the steps of soil washing with 3~4 days intervals and increase the frequency.
  3. Biological method. We can use green manure, straw, bio-fertilizer, plant  salt-tolerant plants, do afforestation and so on, improve soil fertility, improve soil structure, and improve farmland microclimate, reduce evaporation of surface water, prevente the Saline return.
  4. Chemical method. FeSO4·7H2O is recommended to use for reduce the Alkaline and adjust the soil, it can also be a good source of Iron and Sulphur.   Besides, we recommend low pH water soluble fertilzier as the source of macro nutrients, like Urea Phosphate in NPK as 17-44-00, and the pH is extremely low to 1.5~2 and it is also water soluble.  And also stop using Potassium Cloride, Ammonium sulphate., Calcium superphosphate, Magnisum sulpohate.  Use water soluble fertilizer in fertifation and foliar instead.

By the way, our company only focus on water soluble fertilzier, macro nutrients like monoammonium phosphate map 12-61-00, a very good source of nitrogen and phosphorus; monopotassium phosphate mkp 00-52-34, a very good source of phosphorus and potassium; potassium nitrate nop 13-00-46, nitrogen and potassium source. and many other water soluble NPKs and Chelated trace elements,  they all can be used both foliar and irrigation.

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